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01/16/12 04:58 PM
Re: AT&T future in LTE?


I'm optimistic about AT&T's LTE. So far they've handled the deployment very well and the service has been solid. I use a Skyrocket, so I'm on LTE all the time, and speeds and uptime's are great. Battery impact is lower than expected too. AT&T has a much simpler network to run too, because LTE and HSPA are quite similar (GSM-like standards), while Verizon has to include both CDMA and LTE radios and chipsets in their phones. That leads to some of the outages and authentication problems that they've suffered over the past year and even the past 2 months.

Thanks Lisa,

So you're primary device is the Skyrocket? I'm in Philly and we don't have LTE yet but I think we're getting it soon.

How is the spectrum going to play in all this? Does AT&T have the spectrum to be able to compete with VZW? I know AT&T has been off to a slower start that VZW which I can live with. However from doing some research I keep coming up with that AT&T is not spectrum rich to have a large and rock solid LTE network. Is my information correct? Or is there something I'm missing?

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