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05/04/12 04:40 PM
Cloud Syncing and Privacy

Looking for feedback on this issue we are being forced to store our data on the Cloud in order to sync to our smartphones. But has anyone thought about the implication of this. Once you sync your private data to the cloud it is no longer private. Microsoft has dropped pc syncing to smart phones and in the next version of windows you may not be able to log into your pc without and internet connection if they have their way. This makes great financial sense for them but what about your privacy. Check what you are agreeing to when you sign up for cloud services. You are in effect giving up you right to privacy. In the US (I am a US user) your information can be accesses at any time without your knowledge by the government or the company hosting your info. Please letís fight back and require the smart phone OS giants to allow us to sync our private data via direct connection to a desktop if we wish to do so.

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