(Head Honcho)
06/08/12 02:55 PM
Re: Samsung Galaxy Players review: comments

Welcome and glad you like our reviews for the most part. I do cover tablet speakers in each review, and make particular note when they're better than average (Toshiba Excite 10 and Acer Iconia A510) or worse than average (Asus Transformer Prime). But for the most part, tablet speakers, because they're so small, don't sound very full, rich or loud. Heck, most notebook speakers aren't that good.

Good point that media players should have audio quality coverage and I'll keep that in mind. Though these PMDs never have good speakers. Never. If I found one that did, I'd jump up and down with glee right on video . Headphone audio out is however almost always very good on tablets and media players. I get the distinct feeling designers intend folks to use headphones. Our full written review is posted for the Galaxy Players and there's some coverage of audio quality in the Multimedia section.

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