09/30/04 06:45 AM
Best places to buy a Palm PDA in Hong Kong?

Well, my old Palm Vx is slowly dying (bad battery)...I'm due for an upgrade and need to take action in the next week or so.

My budget is limited - have been trying to get a deal on something online, but it's hard to get people to ship to China. (I'm from the US but currently I live and work in Shenzhen, Guandong province. The customs officials here on the China side are a little weird about receiving mail packages. Sometimes stuff gets through, other times it gets returned to the sender without any notification to me)...

So, maybe I'll have to get a new Palm device myself in Hong Kong - the problem is that the selection (at places like Fortress, anyway) seems pretty limited and prices are higher than most offerings on the internet - from what I've seen, there are no discounts...the T3 is around USD $400, the Sony NX80(or 90?) is like $750, as is the Treo 600. My budget is limited, and the one device that I could get in my price range (The Tungsten E) is by most accounts, a piece of junk...and I'd rather not have to constantly be running over there to get the unit serviced.

(Seems like more people in HK prefer pocket PC's)...but I like the Palm OS a lot better and would like to stick with it if possible.

Anyway - do any of you have any suggestions for a good place to get a new Palm PDA at a fair price in HK? Are there any places I should be careful of? Can I trust smaller stores in TST?

As far as online places go, I found http://www.palmmediccanada.com/. It seems to have great prices on refurbished units that would meet my needs, but they still haven't confirmed if they could ship one of their refurbished units directly to me. Are these guys legit?

Just wondering. Sorry to ramble on...

Thanks and best regards,


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