(PDA Addict)
09/27/08 09:19 PM
xv6900 Questions

I'm really lilking this phone a ton. A couple things I'm unclear on how to do are:

1) beam files, hasn't seemed to work yet and I can't seem to find the infared port on the device, there's no mention in the tip guide that comes with the phone

2) I downloaded resco pro keyboard skin, because the touch keypad was not as favorable, I like the skins, however all of them seem to have xt9 typing capability and I cannot figure out how to disable this feature, I do not prefer to use it

I find myself not even usign the Resco keyboards (that I paid $20 for) and still using the touch keypad because this is the only typing method that allows me to take it off and just type normally

I did shut off the auto word suggestion on the device, no dice though. I don't like the xt9 type at all and that's all the Resco stuff seems to be.

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