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11/22/08 02:09 PM
Help: Need Original Tungsten T3 ROM (Jacksprat)

Hello, I've posted in several other forums with no luck and since both the T3 and Jacksprat have been reviewed here I'm hoping I can get some help!

I've Jackspratted my T3 and, now that I want to give my T3 away, I tried to restore the original ROM. I've rudely discovered that I'm "missing a file" and Jacksprat can't complete the restore.

Is there anyone out there who either has a T3 with the original ROM or perhaps has access to the JackSprat files for this ROM? FYI, I bought my T3 in North America and it's the multilanguage version.

It's too bad Brayder closed shop a few years ago as I've heard that they have the original ROM images. FYI, I Jackspratted my T3 after I ran the Palm T3 Update so I can't use that tool again to reflash my ROM.

Thanks in advance!

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