(Head Honcho)
07/31/09 08:08 PM
Re: Blackberry

Starting with the BlackBerry 8800, RIM has made some fairly thin, sexy looking devices. I'd have to say the Bold is really nice looking (gotta love that leather back), the BB 8900 looks nice and is slim and the BB Tour on Verion and Sprint is likewise a good looking, non-clunky piece. Then there's the BlackBerry Pearl series which are good looking and quite small (and were well-adopted by folks who'd never owned a BB before).

The Bold is currently the only *US* 3G device on GSM networks. The Storm works on Euro 3G for GSM networks as well as CDMA 3G (EVDO), and there are several EVDO 3G 'berries on Sprint and Verizon. RIM was just slow to market with 3G on GSM networks.

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