(PDA Addict)
10/01/09 11:35 PM
HTC Touch Diamond Questions

Unfortunately I lost my xv6900 and am now stuck with a 6950 Touch Diamond. Not really digging it right now, but we'll see.

Opera web browser sucks, how do I change it to default elsewhere? I use Skyfire and IE and have set the Skyfire settings to have it as default browser, but when I use the web browser launcher it still uses Opera.

Also, the memory usage always seems very high, even when no programs are running (like typically in the 65-75% usage range). Anyone know how to keep it down? I am using less apps on this phone than my xv6900 and it was always under 40% usage. The higher the usage % the more bogged down the phone becomes, and works more poorly.

Any help would be swell.

Thanks, time to go rock.

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