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11/03/09 12:34 AM
AT&T Quickfire

I have a AT&T Quickfire phone that i purchased from AT&T about two months ago. It had been working great until today, it just stoped working right. At about 1 i recieved a text message and i replied.. when i got a text back and hit reply my phone froze. I left it alone for awhile to see if it would unfreeze and it didnt so i tried to turn it off and it wouldnt so i had to take out the battery. when i put it back in and turned it on it worked and let me reply but when i tried to reply again it froze again. and i had to do it all over and it has been like that ever since. If i want to reply i have to take out the battery and turn it back on because it freezes! HELP please!

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