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12/03/09 05:45 AM
Corporate IT will only support Blackberries and not smartphones

Need of some technical advice!

I'm currently eligible to upgrade my ancient blackberry 8700. After reviewing several phones,the HTC Touch Pro2 from Verizon seems to fit my business needs the best. Unfortunately, corporate IT advised me that they would not support anything except for blackberries. No real reason was given so I am guessing that either 1. our network isn't set up to handle anything but blackberries or 2. they just don't know how to set it up. Our company uses Microsoft Outlook for emails, contacts, calendars, etc. I also know of one other person in our company that uses a smartphone running Symbian OS and has no problems accessing all the features of our corporate email system. After talking to the verizon reps and some IT friends, they claim the corp email set up for th HTC TP2 is very simple. So what kind of technical response can i provide to my IT group to show them that it can work??? Help!!!

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