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02/28/10 06:00 AM
Samsung Jet - Issue - Help please

it was mentioned in this article "Samsung Jet Review" that whoever reviewed this phone got data services on at&t to work!!!

if anyone could help, i'd like to know what i am missing as i can't get mine to connect to at&t data services.
all mine does, is the little E in the top left corner turns red with some waves coming off it, then it comes back and says "no response".
over the past 2 days i've spent about 6 hrs on the phone with at&t tech support trying to get my phone to work, it worked for a split second, long enough to retrieve the page saying that i was accessing data services and that it would charged at a rate of $2/mb, other than that it hasn't worked

if anyone knows what i or at&t should do please let me know how to get things moving

thx n adv

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