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04/08/10 02:32 AM
Help with the new Samsung Omnia c alendar

My palm died and I've been trying desparately to find something that resembles it in regards to how the calendar color coding works. It looks like Windows Outlook 7 might be close. I've tried to get on every site that I could find to see how it would look like and work on the phone and so far your site was the closest in explaining how it works. But I can't actually see what it looks like on the cell phone from your website. My question is, using Windows Mobile 6.5 is the calendar that you'd use on your computer look the same in the cell phone? If not, is it easy to tell the difference between the two so that they make sense to one another? I'd appreciate some help with this because I can't live without my calendar, I need to upgrade my phone and need a PDA type device in order to organize my hectic lifestyle. thank you for your time

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