(Head Honcho)
05/09/10 03:00 AM
Re: most recent UMPC or PDA?

High performance CPU and UMPC are almost mutually exclusive. The issues are heat dissipation for fast CPUs and cost. Finding something with dual core (Intel Core2 Duo) performance isn't going to happen, as most have ultra low voltage CPUs and typically Intel Atom CPUs that offer enough speed to do MS Office, web browsing and email but feel somewhat slow when using more demanding applications.

In terms of benchmarks, UMPCs with Atom class CPUs are half the speed of a midrange Intel Core2 Duo.

PDAs don't run full Windows OS (or Mac OS or non-embedded Linux OS), so it sounds like they wouldn't meet your needs.

Some of the faster UMPCs under 9" would be the discontinued Sony Vaio UX380, the Fujitsu U820 and the OQO model 02.

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