07/13/10 07:13 PM
Re: Continued Flash Discussion

Many Thanks Jacob!
My reason for the post is those who in a review state that "it has no flash support" have to improve on what is right and wrong for a device; the web browser you use can be checked for HTML5 with the website html5test.com; Safari and iCab for the Mac have over 200; and others around 129 to 169; let's be fair Jacob to desacrate the iPad because it does not support Flash, and has no camera, does not mean that a workaround can be and has been made to support the iPad; you DO NOT USE old software/plugins for something you wish on a personal level; for me HTML5 is the way to go, as memory usage, processor usage, and possible battery usage may be too much using Flash. Another complaint is no multitasking; the iOS4 update for the iPad will have mulitasking, so let's please stop complaining; at least let your staff make the following statement during a review "we do not care for this device"
Honesty is the best policy, not an opinion! I wrote to Walt Mosberg with a similar message; he has not responded!
To review is one thing but to refuse to admit that any reviewer is a "die hard PC user" has not been made.
Also, after my own "hands on" information the battery replacement is very simple; send it to Apple, you receive a new one; lastly the complaint of having a "closed system" makes sense, as anything "outside the box" will not be a "widget" or mini application.

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