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09/26/11 02:35 AM
Epic 4G Touch - Question Active Noise Cancellation

Hi - It's been pointed out that the Samsung Epic 4G Touch may not have another mic opening for the second noise canceling mic. I was curious if this was indeed missing from the Sprint version of the GS2, as the AT&T version looks like it does have one near the headphone jack?

I call outside a lot at work, and I am located near a noisy regional airport, so active noise cancellation is very important.

Samsung post general specs of the GS2; however, it's hard to find all the true differences between all the various model.

So far I'm reading:
1) Processor: Sprint & AT&T is Exynos, T-Mobile uses Snapdragon
2) Noise Cancellation: Sprint no second mic (?), AT&T has second mic(?), T-Mobile (?)
3) LED Notification: Sprint & T-Mobile Yes, AT&T No
4) Size: Sprint & TMO is 4.5", AT&T is 4.3"

Thanks! Love the reviews.

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