10/25/11 10:01 PM
Re: Mobile Note Taking

Thanks for the feedback Lisa. Once again, your site and forums are my goto source for all things mobile Yes, it is a shame that the stylus got such a bad rap. As you point out - for many of us the number 3 or 4 task(right behind making calls, texting and handling email) that we'd like to do in our mobile lifestyles is take notes, draw, noodle and so forth. Yes, I knew that Evernote was not an HP product - (I just wrote the sentance awkwardly).

I've heard of MobileNoter. Two things to I need to find out;
1) I know that it allows you to update your MS Onenotes on your Android device but I'm not sure if this is what they are calling the Evernote-to-OneNote sync or if it truly is a more pure Evernote to OneNote sync.
2) How it will handle the handwriting in Evernote (using a device like the Flyer or Jetsream) when syncing to OneNote - or for that matter when syncing to regular Evernote (in other words will plain, vanilla Evernote be able to read the handwriting taking on these 'special' versions of Evernote that are in the Flyer or Jetstream)

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