(Head Honcho)
03/24/12 03:28 AM
Re: comparison of moto 8.2 tab vs samsung 7.7 tab?

Beyond any strong preference for Android vs. iOS, there's the size difference. That's pretty important. Do you want something that's going to fit into a large pocket or a big 10" tablet? I'd say you should go with the size you had in mind-- there are always tablets that have a better price to feature ratio, but if they don't fit the use cases you had in mind, they still aren't the right tablet. Since you mention keeping the size down to 8", I had to mention this.

For gaming and web surfing at home, they'll both do a fine job. When at home, I use 10" tablets since I don't have to fit them into a pocket or bag. The fonts are larger and it's just easier to navigate. I like 7" tablets for eReading and on the road. The iPad does have a wider selection of games, and that sounds important to you.

How about Adobe Flash? Do you care about that? If so, it's back to Android.

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