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07/06/12 06:27 PM
Specs on 15 inch new Sony S display

Really enjoyed your reviews of the new S 13, and the new Z series.

I interested however to find some better understanding of the display of the S 15 performance model ( the SVS151190X in particular ). I understand it is full hd and IPS but how does the color gamut, blacks and contrast stack up to the new Z screen which you so favorably reviewed.

I have a Sony high end camcorder ( NEX VG 20) and use Sony Vegas, but it seems Sony has failed to connect the dots to make a laptop optimized for this. Yes the Z has some things going for it, but the S can get better all around specs for almost everything else. I really don't like having to plug a bunch of peripherals in, and S has built in BD burner.

When I try to adjust color of my project on my current XPS and then put it on my Samsung Smart TV its 2 different things. So I would like to adjust color as accurately as I can on my laptop. Hence I would like a great display for this. I GUESS I JUST DON'T WANT TO BUY AN APPLE.


Enjoy your site


PS After a week of calls and emails to every branch of Sony imaginable, they are absolutely unable to find any more info than it is Full HD IPS. A little frustrating and I wonder if this is a preview of what Sony support would be.

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