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07/28/12 07:34 AM
Asus Infinity Screen Resolution - How do apps look?

I apologize if I've missed this in the review, but I was wondering what affect the increased resolution of the Infinity's screen has on applications. I've seen applications that were designed to run on the smaller screens typically associated with cell phones handled in different ways by the tablets. Some seem to keep their default resolution, making them run in very tiny squares on an otherwise black screen. Others are stretched to fit the screen, but are therefore very blurry and grainy. And of course, others are "HD" and seem to look and work perfectly - at least at 1280x800.

But what is "HD" to the current crop of tablets has now been superceded by the resolution offered by the Infinity. It's actually a pretty fair leap from 1280x800 to 1920x1200! I'm sure pictures and movies look amazing - but how do existing apps and games look? Do they scale nicely? Are they stretched and fuzzy? Or is this a ridiculously ignorant question?

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