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08/20/12 08:58 PM
Galaxy Note 10.1 Screen and Stylus

I'm thinking this might just be the tablet for me! (until the much-touted P10 comes around, anyway).

I was wondering if you had some sense of the durability of the screen when used with the stylus, and what impact it might have in heavily tracked areas of the screen. What is the nib of the pen made of? Will it retain its pressure sensitivity if a screen protector is used?

I've had a stylus on a Windows mobile phone. When we discontinued the use of the phone for anything other than playing an occasional game, we also removed the screen protector from the glass. The poor screen is horribly damaged in those areas where the stylus is heavily used. Of course, Gorilla Glass is said to be pretty tough.

Lastly, does the stylus work well in everyday apps, too? I think you're video said it was great for playing Angry Birds! Digitizer-enabled apps aside, how does the use of the stylus compare to that of a normal capacitive stylus for performing "regular" activities?

Inquiring minds want to know! And even if they don't, I do!

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