10/24/13 06:53 AM
Tablet? Ultrabook? I don't know...

Hey everyone! I'm looking to buy a new portable device. I currently have a Macbook 2007 edition with windows on it, and I want to upgrade it. I want to get something, without a doubt, thinner, lighter and more portable. I believe it has a 13.3 inch display. I use it for work, and now I just leave it there because it's just too darn heavy and bulky.

I was thinking of getting a Surface Pro 2, which is fairly powerful, but then I just saw the review and it is kind of small. But the fact that it's an i5 makes it kind of like a desktop replacement when I'm not home which is great! I can do most of the things I'd normally do on the go!

But then again I thought I don't need that much power.

Could you recommend any other decent windows ultrabooks or tablets? Having a keyboard is essential for me. Size, I can go up to 13 inches as my Macbook right now. I weight? It MUST be lighter than it's 5+ lbs please! The weight is killing me! haha.

It needs to have windows and decent battery life (at least 5 hours?) It doesn't need to be a powerhouse, I'd be happy with an i3. I mostly use it for powerpoint presentations and slapping together some silly things in fireworks (nothing intensive), my Macbook 2007 can handle my Fireworks and word processing.

So, could I get any recommendations for tablets or ultrabooks? Thanks in advance

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