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04/10/08 11:23 PM
AT&T Tilt 8925 Kaiser "Service Depends on your area". 3G phone yes, but NOT the service.

"Service Depends on your area". 3G (WCDMA, HSDPA) phone yes, but NOT the service!

"The service depends on the area your in", from AT&T reps, you'll get this. I've NEVER seen 3G speeds or anywhere close in the greater Seattle area. They refuse to file a Network Ticket.

Have a Tilt? Try this. Browse to a site that has streaming video using AT&T's service. Then turn off the phone radio, and try this via WiFi. Unless your WiFi is slow as dialup, you will notice a huge difference (e.g. little to no chopping). FYI, I'm on a PDA plan. Well over 10 sites that steam videos, all the same. It's not the WEB, its AT&T that is slow!

One thing I've noticed is that you will very good CNN streaming video if you use a device through the MEdia Max, but not watching the same streaming video directly from CNN (not going through MEdia Max). I tested this with a RAZOR with MEdia Max next to my device. I wonder if AT&T is capping their capacity. My coworker recently bought the same phone and he is not also upset over the CRAPY 3G service from AT&T. I think I'll be switching over to T-mobile or Verizon (CDMA, eh) CONTRACT ends.

f you're somewhat technically inclined, you'll know that though your WiFi may be MUCH faster than any 3G service, streaming video from CNN Mobile, BBC, MSNBC, etc. does not require a HUGE pipeline. AT&T service doesn't even allow 100kb of streaming from outside of MEdia Max.

AT&T... Please STOP advertising your 3G on your PDA devices. Perhaps they are saving the bandwidth for Aircard users or those on full fledged data packages (e.g.

Please TEST WHAT YOU PAY FOR & COMPLAIN to AT&T for FALSE advertising!

Anybody up for a class action?

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