09/10/13 09:04 PM
Re: U connect and phone books

Well I eventually solved the problem in a convoluted way since there appears no way to stop UConnect downloading the contacts list from a mail app on the phone!!! I had Yahoo app on the phone that sync with my Rogers mail that is hosted by Yahoo. I actually use Thunderbird on my PC so do not need the contacts on Yahoo mail so went into Yahoo and deleted all the contacts on the host server. Synced with the app on the phone and then deleted the app from the phone. Did a complete reset of UConnect in the van and reset up the phone pairing. Now I have the contacts list I need on the phone and strangely this will not transfer to UConnect !!!! I have now set up the shorter list I want on UConnect and at least for the time I am happy. Hope this helps others with the same issues. I have two issue with designers though. Why can't I tell UConnect NOT to copy my phones contact list or why can't it see the list that is definitely there now on the phone !!!

Ron Evans

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