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09/14/13 05:32 PM
Circuit Breakers: Nintendo Announces 0DS

Yes, I know. This sounds like a joke. It is.

Hot on the heels of announcing the 2DS, Nintendo has followed up with another portable gaming revolution. "We realized that some people didn't like the 3D feature of the 3DS, and that's why we decided to offer the 2DS. But then we thought, what if we could remove some of the other features people don't like - like the screen!"

The Nintendo 0DS never requires batteries, and it is compatible with whatever game you imagine you are playing. Portable and fashionable, the 0DS is sure to be the next wave in handheld gaming.

Initial reactions to the 0DS were mixed. The Seattle Times reported, "I love the 0DS. I imagined that I was playing Tetris, and the graphics were incredible. I got the highest score of all of my imaginary friends."

However, the Denver herald was less positive, claiming, "The visuals are okay, but you can't resell the games. Also, the web browser I imagined was kind of unresponsive."

Regardless of mixed reviews, Nintendo is betting that the 0DS will be a hit this holiday season.

Note: The 0DS is not compatible with games imagined by Sony or Microsoft.


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