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02/02/07 06:29 AM
Re: Sick Macbooks - Apple MacBook Problems and Solutions

Hi...This is my first post as a new Macbook owner; actually I am new to Mac altogether and so am very early on in the learning curve. I bought my Macbook 13.3 on Amazon about a month ago; got one of the older ones and found that the 60gb HD was filling up quickly so I purchased a used (not abused) 120gb Seagate that I installed myself. I thought I could easily retrieve my Office 2004 for Mac from the 60gb by using SuperDuper to copy everything to an iPod Video, then copy it back over to the new 120gb HD. I am not very good with these things, at least not yet, and so rather than risk really screwing something up I took it to the local Apple Store. They merged the two drives just fine, but when I got it home I noticed that iLife is completely missing. No iPhoto, no garage band, etc. I am not certain that Apple Store messed it up, as I probably did that myself. I would like to just re-install the iLife myself, but am not sure how to go about it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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