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06/27/07 03:30 PM
Re: Sick Macbooks - Apple MacBook Problems and Solutions

Hi all
I am looking through the internet sites trying to find out about macbooks and came across your forum. I have a macbook purchased in September received in Oct. A few months after purchase the LCD inverter and panel shorted out. The local certified Apple technician called the 2nd day to inform me that parts were ordered and it would be a few days. The next day he called to inform me that the hard drive "burned" up. I asked if the parts were in yet and he replied, "no." Unfortunately the HDD was upgraded by me, a Seagate momentus 5yr warranty drive, so it was not covered under Apple (3rd party clause) but I had to go to Seagate for that issue. When I contacted Seagate they interviewed me thoroughly and I was routed to a technician who requested that I get the drive in my possession and call back. After doing so I contacted Seagate and the technician asked me about a "burned smell" that was described by the Apple technician and myself. He informed me that the "charred" smell" indicated one thing - an over voltage situation and not a seizure which, he described would be near impossible in the momentus line and would not cause the smell or the black on the outer case. They replaced my drive BUT he also cautioned me that I should be concerned for the rest of my computer in a high voltage situation.
I got the computer back about a week later working. Right away I noticed that the bluetooth wireless was going in and out via the display on the top right. At first I thought it was the router then checked another wireless machine and became concerned. It somehow corrected itself though and the problem disappeared; HOWEVER, the situation seems to continue. Last week I used the computer at night until the battery message came on requesting a charge. I plugged the power adapter in and the yellow cord light came on. The next morning the light was green. I tried to boot the machine and NOTHING HAPPENED. No power, no sound-nothing. I took it in to our new Apple store and they replaced the logic board and messaged me that it was ready. The next day I went to the store who informed me that the machine was sent off, that it had failed even when the top (keyboard/pad) and logic board were replaced in-store and the problem was unresolved. The next day I checked with AppleCare and there was a message on the status that the repair was on hold "need information." I called and was told that at first they were unable to duplicate the problem then later they WERE able to duplicate it; HOWEVER, the notes said that they had rebooted over 30 times with only a few successful tries.

At this point I am not sure what a solution is other than to give me another laptop but that has not been an option given to me at this point. I need the computer to do my work but am stuck in limbo. I am going to ask, if the option for new comes to me, to pay the difference and get a pro 15." Perhaps it is a better unit. Also, I bought AppleCare 4 days ago for the macbook. I would want that transferred to the new one and move on with life. I hope that is the solution but who knows?

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