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07/31/07 10:45 PM
Re: Sick Macbooks - Apple MacBook Problems and Solutions

Hello. I have a couple different problems.
First off, my macbook won't read any discs. If I put a disc in nothing happens, no noise, no spinning, and I have to use a guitar pick or something thin to poke at the slot and make it pop back out. Second, my garageband program won't open, most likely because I probably deleted important files by accident while I went on a cleaning spree. I can't reinstall it of course, since I can't run the installation disc. I'm guessing I need to take it to get repaired at this point since nothing I've tried is working. Is there any way I can reinstall garageband in the meantime? Like if I could maybe run the install disc on my pc and get the files through the network somehow.

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