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12/27/07 05:19 AM
Re: Sick Macbooks - Apple MacBook Problems and Solutions


Hey, I'm having problem logging into my main profile after I switch on my MacBook. I know my password but after I type it and click enter, it just loads up the profile (after a few minutes) then reverts back to the start up screen. At the moment I'm using my "friends" profile with no problems.

I've got all my pictures, music, etc.....but can't use them because its not letting me use my main profile?

Anybody had the same problem? Anybody know what I should do?

1. Basically I switch on my MacBook.

2. Then it loads up to the start-up profile option screen (I have two profiles, my main one that I always use, and my "friends" profile.

3. I click on my main profile and type in the password.

4. Then it takes about a minute to load up the profile.

5. Before I can do anything, the main screen turns green and I'm back to step 2!

There's no error messages and there's no programs that launch on start-up. I can't understand why its doing it.

I recently upgraded from tiger to leopard and this problem started roughly about 2 weeks later.

Try holding down the Shift key after logging in. I think this should disable login items and possibly other non-essential items. If this works, then something you are trying to load at login is causing problems.

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