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05/01/08 05:59 PM
Phone review: Nokia N95 8 Gig, N95-4 for the US

The fourth time around, the Nokia N95 is still looking good! When the original N95 came out a year ago it wowed pretty much everyone with its huge laundry list of cutting edge features, topped with a 5 megapixel autofocus camera. Flash forward to today and we've had the US N95-3, the Euro 8 gig model and now the US 8 gig N95 with US 3G HSDPA and a US warranty. The phone loses the microSD card slot and replaces it with 8 gigs of flash storage and has the latest firmware with a faster camera and other tweaks. The display size is upped to 2.8" and the phone has the usual N95 goodness: GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio, 2-way slider, music player and more.

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