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05/06/08 11:43 AM
HTC Announces Touch Diamond

Today in London HTC announced a key new product in their 2008 Windows Mobile PDA and smartphone lineup. Peter Chou, HTC's CEO opened the press conference to intro the HTC Touch Diamond Windows Mobile Professional phone.

HTC Touch Diamond

Featuring TouchFLO 3D, the phone has 4 gigs of storage, a 528MHz Qualcomm CPU with 3D graphics acceleration, a VGA touch screen and a 3.2MP autofocus camera. It's slim, sleek and ultra-modern looking. HTC's CEO challenged his design team, lead by Chief Innovation Officer Horace Luke, to make a device worthy of the museum of modern art-- and it shows.

TouchFLO 3D has icons along the bottom row of the Today Screen that take you directly to most common functions. You can switch between clock, calendar and other items with the swipe of a finger. Some elements feel like futuristic Windows Mobile, while the gesture features are reminiscent of the iPhone. The Opera 9.5 web browser offers a desktop layout with finger scrolling support. Again, it reminds us of Safari on the iPhone-- and that's not a bad thing. Rotate the phone and the Touch Diamond switches to landscape view. The browser supports YouTube with passable frame rates over WiFi.

Overall, HTC's customization of Windows Mobile are far more extensive than that of the HTC Touch and the screen is easier to use. But it's still no iPhone.

The phone will be available from all HTC's usual European carrier partners (5 carriers). It will be available in Europe and Asia this June and elsewhere sometime later this year. The was no specific info about US carriers.


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