(Head Honcho)
06/30/08 03:05 PM
Re: Toshiba Portege G810 Windows Mobile Pro touch screen phone mini review with video

You get the flush screen hardware design similar to HTC Touch devices and phones like the Prada-- makes it much easier to use your finger instead of a stylus. Using Spb's Shell and Pocket Plus apps is different and better experience on this hardware design.

The device basically has 3 Spb titles pre-installed: Spb Mobile Shell, Spb Full Screen Keyboard and Spb Pocket Plus. They're the same in terms of UI as the standalone versions of these apps, with some tweaks and customizations to ensure they run well and use as little memory as possible on the Toshiba. You can dismiss the Spb Shell and bring it back by pressing the Home button.

Toshiba has modified the Contacts app, made a finger-friendly camera application and that's about it on their end from what I can see.

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