09/02/08 02:07 PM
Re: Review: iPhone 3G

So I am FINALLY eligible to get a 16 gig iPhone 3G for $300. But I've heard so many horror stories about the iPhone cracking, locking up, and not working very seamlessly with Exchange servers. Plus, the virtual keyboard on the portrait mode is horrible, and Apple refuses to provide for a landscape keyboard other than in Safari. What gives? I am debating between getting the iPhone, the Nokia E71, and perhaps yet another Windows Mobile phone ... gulp! I have the original Blackjack now. Anyone has any suggestions? The iPhone just looks very cool, and obviously, it would be great to use it as an iPod too. But if it's going to crack, lock up, and not work well w/ Exchange ... aarghh. If someone who has had their iPhone and used it w/ Exchange for a while could comment on their experience, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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