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11/25/08 02:08 PM
Re: Full review: Samsung Epix i907 Windows Mobile Pro phone

I like the i-907. It is a great PDA. I am still trying to understand the GPS receiver. The Samsung PDF calls it "GPS", ie: satellite based. A post on this forum calls it "aGPS", ie: cell tower triangulation based. I downloaded and installed Google Maps for Mobile. It will display your location with a Blue Dot, and it is close - maybe within a few 100 yards. Then, select "Menu > Use GPS" and a window appears in the upper right corner "Seeking GPS satellites". When it reports the satellites being received, the displayed location is right on target. Therefore the question, is it GPS or aGPS? I installed Street Atlas 2008 Handheld on the i-907. Street Atlas cannot find the GPS receiver. And I cannot find a method to identify the COM Port the GPS receiver is using.

Any ideas what is going on here? Thanks.

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