Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
12/08/08 04:08 PM
DS Game Review: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

The first two Castlevania games on the Nintendo DS, Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin, opened the door for this 2D hack and slash franchise to a new handheld gaming platform. The depth of these games especially the Portrait of Ruin installment not only extended the life of this long running series for the Castlevania faithful, but also brought new fans and injected new blood (no pun intended) into the world where fighting Dracula is a way of life. Helmed once again by the great IGA (Koji Igarashi), Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is the third Castlevania title for the Nintendo DS. While it provides a new story, a new fighting system and new locations, Order of Ecclesia didn?t stray far from its Castlevania core and at times felt like just another long, continuing journey of a never-ending fight against the dark prince.

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