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12/19/08 08:43 PM
Re: We're giving away an HTC Fuze- Contest

Thanks Mobile Tech Review for this awesome contest!
The 3 features that are most important in a smartphone for me are:

1. Wi-Fi Connectivity - I'm on a college campus all day that provides free WiFi to students and as such it is very important to me to be able to get online at any time of the day to check email or my favorite forums. Also with Wi-Fi comes GPS which can sure be handy when it comes to finding your way around a college town.

2. QWERTY keyboard (& Camera) - These two go together for me because I tend to do a lot of texting throughout the day (sometimes involve sending of pictures) and with my big fingers a slide-out keyboard helps me to be accurate when I type.

3. Expansion Slot - I like to double my phone as a music player while I walk to class; therefore I need a lot of space to store my music and with an expansion slot I gain all the extra space I need for my favorite tunes.

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