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12/20/08 06:14 AM
Re: We're giving away an HTC Fuze- Contest

1. A wide QWERTY keyboard. The thinner ones on most candy bar smart-phones don't cut it. Although they're easier than T9, they're really irritating to use.
2. Wi-fi. Although 3G is fast, it's just not available in a lot of places yet, like my home. I need Wi-Fi so I can actually use my phones internet when I'm not out and about.
3. Excellent processor speed. It wouldn't really be a smart phone without speed. I don't want to click on something and have to wait for it to load too long. When I'm on my mobile, I am typically not lounging on a sofa, I don't want my phone to go at a leisurely pace.

Thank you for this contest!

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