Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
01/15/09 09:08 PM
iPhone Games: The Chronicles of Inotia and Trapped Undead Infection

Com2uS has published two new iPhone/iPod touch games to the iTunes store. The games include an RPG title The Chronicles of Inotia and an action-horror adventure game called Trapped: Undead Infection. Here are the details of these two new iPhone games:

The Chronicles of Inotia ($7.99)

Classic action RPG with gigantic map and all kinds of fantasy monsters.

Feanor is sent on a mystical journey to defeat Deathtaker, the cursed devil dragon, and save the Princess of Inotia. The beautiful land of Inotia has recovered to a time of relative peace but evil spirits controlled by Deathtaker have not been completely vanished. With foreboding clouds of war returning, Feanor heads towards Elf Forest following faint traces of evil energy.

You can find the game on the iTunes


Trapped: Undead Infection ($1.99)

A bio-lab accident has turned everyone around you into mindless, flesh-eating zombies! Battle the undead with a wide range of weapons as you explore the dark, infected corridors of the lab to find a way out.

You are Dr. Adams, one of a few survivors in deadly diseased lab filled with zombies. Search evidence to put together puzzles to find the memory back and escape from the chaos.

You can find the game on the iTunes


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