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01/19/09 11:06 PM
iPhone App: Free Memory

In explaining why the iPhone doesn't have full multitasking support, Steve Jobs once stated that task managers for mobile devices tend to be too complicated or advanced for most users, making them more trouble than they're worth.

However, as iPhone users have undoubtedly realized, iPhones do sometimes have multiple processes running simultaneously, such as when you are checking mail or playing music in the background while using Safari in the foreground. For those of you who would like more advanced access to process management after all, the first step has arrived: Free Memory by Recession Apps is now avalable on the App Store.

Free Memory lets you see all the processes currently running on your iPhone, ranging from kernel_task (which is, as in Mac OS X, essentially the core operating system) to Mail, Safari, and lots of items well beyond my comprehension. You can't see the CPU or memory usage of individual processes or quit individual processes, but what you can do is tap the giant "Free Memory" button in order to close all non-essential processes and free up some extra program execution memory for all those advanced graphical apps and games on your iPhone that would otherwise tell you to reboot over and over just to eke out some extra RAM. As you probably noticed in the screenshot, Free Memory also displays your current battery level.

If Free Memory were really "free," there would be practically no excuse not to try it. However, at 99 cents, it is still a pretty good deal, especially if it may add more process management features in the future. So why not head over to Free Memory on the App Store and check it out?


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