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02/04/09 05:38 PM
iPhone News: Tavo Announces TavoGloves For Touchscreen Devices

If you live in a climate that's anything like mine, then you've probably been freezing your you-know-what off lately. Hands can be especially sensitive to cold weather, but if you wear traditional gloves, you can't use your iPod's click wheel or your iPhone's touchscreen anymore! What to do? Tavo has the answer: TavoGloves.

The new PlayPoint technology used on the fingertips of the gloves makes them compatible with iPods, iPhones, and other touchscreen devices - so you can use them without taking your gloves off. Constructed with wind-resistant fleece for superb warmth and comfort, TavoGloves feature a silicone texture for enhanced grip and control. They can be worn alone or as a liner for another pair of gloves.

The TavoGloves are available now, in three sizes, for an estimated retail price of $29.99. For more information, please visit the official site.


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