Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
02/19/09 05:28 PM
A Quick and Easy Way to Increase Volume on Your iPhone: the SoundClip

To help iPhone users get the most out of their speakers, Ten One Design has developed the SoundClip that can enhance audio for the iPhone 3G. The curved design guides the sound toward the user, amplifying audio quality by 10 dB between 5kH and 20kHz, and prevents the users hand from blocking the speaker. More info on SoundClip for the iPhone 3G:

A tuned conical deflection chamber designed to make the audio from your iPhone clearer and also slightly louder. Sound waves are reflected toward you, instead of away, so you feel more involved in your game, movie, or music.


* 10dB gain between 6kHz and 20kHz
* Focuses iPhone sound toward you instead of away
* Keeps your dock connector free of dust
* Prevents blocking of speaker while gaming
* Handy cord grip

It's available at for $7.96.


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