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03/11/09 06:12 PM
Re: Phone review: Samsung Memoir 8 megapixel camera phone with touch screen on T-Mobile

I love you guys as a review site and I frequently read here. However!

You guys are driving me crazy with your the incomplete specs you put on your reviews. I'm always having to go to other web sites to find more complete data. Take this review for example; On the bottom, in the specs section, you fail to mention the operating system. Also, under performance you put "100 megs internal storage, can store up to 2,000 contacts.".... ummm, that has nothing to do with performance. Storage, yes. Performance, no. What CPU is this thing running? At the very least you can put "unknown" then at least I know it's "unknown" and won't have to read the article 3 times thinking I missed it. What about ram? Again, even putting "unknown" would be helpful.

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