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03/18/09 04:02 AM
Re: Apple Previews Developer Beta of iPhone OS 3.0 - Clipboard Supported!!

I think Apple has really hit a home run this time!

Often with updates, there's a bit of a tradeoff where some people get the features they wanted, but others don't... but in this case, with the exceptions of a Flash player and a video recorder, they have seriously packed in all the features that EVERYBODY wanted! Many people were starting to think A2DP and MMS would never show up, but we get those plus the push notifier and a CLIPBOARD!! They have also started fleshing out a lot of those "we'll get to it eventually" features - more search commands, more landscape support, etc.

Some of the SDK enhancements may not have sounded all that exciting when they were announced, but they could have some really cool implications down the road. Removing the "wall" between apps and iPod music could be really sweet for games like the Tap Tap series, and for other apps too. And allowing access to the sync connector could mean someone could write a driver app for the iPod radio remote, and also maybe some of those accessories like TV and gamepad adaptors, which have been shown as "proof of concept" models but didn't really materialize, will finally be available to consumers.

It's also pretty cool that the iPhone's Bluetooth, which has been notorious for being very limited, will also become much more powerful.

So when can I start downloading, Apple?

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