Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
07/20/09 05:09 PM
iPhone Games: D4 Enterprise Brings Back Classic Games to the iPhone and iPod touch

The Japanese retro game distributor D4 Enterprise has released several classic MSX games for the iPhones and iPod Touch in the Apple App store. The current lineup consists of multiple games from the legendary Japanese software companies Compile (Puyo Puyo, Power Strike, Zanac) and Bothtec (Topple Zip, Relics, Ranma 1/2).

Here are the game titles:

Aleste (Compile) - The top-selling shoot'em-up from the early 1990s (also released on Sega Master System and Game Gear as Power Strike). Now, on the iPhone and iPod Touch, the craft can be controlled by tilting your mobile device, which creates a whole new gaming experience. The fast-paced action and nifty power-up weapons system of the game combined with the Anime-style cutscenes stole the hearts of many gamers around the world already.

Chima Chima (Bothtec) - The winning game of 'Bothtec's first programming contest' is a maze game that consists of 9 levels. The main character is a little Cyclops called "Chima Chima", who has to fight ghosts with fire in a Bomberman-like scenario.

Eggy for MSX (Bothtec) - An addictive scroll/jump/action game with the feel of Choplifter, which can be obtained from the App Store for free.

Nyan Puzzle (Compile) - Puzzle game in which, as a cute little cat, your goal is to destroy all yellow balloons in the playing field. With 8 different cats and 40 levels available, many hours of addictive gameplay is guaranteed.

Relics (Bothtec) - In Relics you'll wander around as a spirit that uses the bodies of others to get past the many obstacles and enemies you'll encounter in this horizontal- scrolling platform game.

Prices range from free to $3.99.


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