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07/21/09 09:14 PM
Re: iPhone Game Review: Spin Star

Hi, Sam from Six By Nine here. Just thought I'd clarify a couple of things.

First thanks for the honest review. We're always keen to get feedback good or bad. We'll keep on improving things wherever we can. Global scoring is on it's way and we'll get it out as soon as we can. :-)

I can confirm that there was a bug on the first version that caused occasional jumps on some devices. The first update fixed this, so there should be no problems now.

Unfortunately this crept in between the beta and master version of iPhone 3.0 and we are really sorry we didn't catch it earlier. We're told it's actually a bug in the iPhone software that Apple are looking to fix with the next release.

Luckily it only happened on some some 3.0 devices, and was actually caused by the music playback so there was a simple work around. If you just started some of your own music from the iPod, then the problem vanished!

Anyway, we hope you take a look at Spin Star and if you buy it, please send us some feedback at



BTW: We were aiming for a kind of retro feel... Anyone got any themes they'd like to see in extra skins?

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