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07/24/09 05:16 PM
Pre News: webOS 1.1 Restores iTunes Syncing

Palm has released a new version of webOS for the Palm Pre that restores the ability for the Pre to sync with iTunes, which had been (intentionally) broken by the latest iTunes update.

A partial list of other new features in the update:
  • NFL Mobile Live: Watch or listen to live NFL games right on your phone.
  • The Photos application opens more quickly when launched from the camera.
  • Enhanced support for time zones in Clock.
  • You can enter emoticons in new text, multimedia, and instant messages. Emoticons also display in incoming messages.
  • Improved functionality of person reminders.
  • You can now use symbols from the symbols table (Sym + key) when you enter text into a web page dialog box.

For the complete change list or for more information about obtaining the update, please visit http://kb.palm.com/wps/portal/kb/na/pre/p100eww/sprint/solutions/article/50607_en.html#11.

Editorial: Palm had previously stated that if Apple blocked Pre syncing, they would not fight it. However, now the two companies are "leapfrogging" back and forth in a way that could eventually lead them to court. This would not be a good move for Palm, because Apple would likely bring up not only possible infringement related to iTunes syncing but also the multi-touch screen on the Pre, which may be a violation of one of Apple's patents. Apple seems to have been lenient so far about the multi-touch, but forcing a court case could be the end of that.


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