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08/12/09 04:48 PM
Re: iPhone Game Review: Lion Pride

@LG (I dig that)
Yeah. We didn't get hyena attacking in until late, but with another week we probably would have made them Lion kill only animals.

The early design included the idea that cubs could be killed, resulting in game over. We were going to let players actual control the male lion as sort of a "goalie" where he auto-defended the cubs, but could leave and be an extra lion in fights if you wanted. This also had Hyena's and actual other male lions being aggressors on the cubs.

I ultimately cut this because very soon it was clear that even controlling three lions was a lot of work. I tried to have some gamer appeal, but not go so far as to alienate more casual players.

For 1 day the Lioness art got swapped with the Lion art. I have to admit it was thrilling to actually control the big fella. I hope we are successful enough to bring this back in the night-time hyena sequence.

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