(PDA Addict)
08/12/09 06:53 PM
Re: iPhone Game Review: Lion Pride

now that would be really cool...night time so need to have all the spooky hyena vocalizations in there

would love to see the male patrolling the doing a circuit around the edges, that way you can take advantage of his current position when taking down multi-lion game

now cub killing could be interesting to see if you incorporated having an incoming male lion come in and challenge our current pride's male...oooh, just had a great idea, the strength of our pride's lion would be based on the current level of the hunger if we hunt successfully, odds are that we are going to beat off the interloper, but if he's weak from management comes in and you see him attack and kill the cubs and a short time later new ones spawn after our lionesses get in in 2 or 3 more successfull kills

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