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iPhone Game Review: Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise

iPhone Game Review: Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise

Hello Kitty does not need any presentation specially if you have a young son or daughter. This lovely character is simply everywhere and kids adore its cuteness.

And now, fortunately, the iPhone and iPOD Touch devices have an awesome alternative to have a piece of Hello Kitty charming through this polished game.

By the way, it is a bit more than a game it is also an interactive showcase, named My Room.

After a short intro movie, My Room is shown by default and you can play with Hello Kitty right away. Just swipe or tap the screen and Hello Kitty will subtly react. Kids just love this! Well, you may like it too.

My Room can be customized with items that can be acquired by playing the game. You can always take a screenshot (bottom right button) to keep recording your achievements. This is an interesting part of the game that may appeal to younger kids even more than the game itself.


As soon as you tap Play button the Staging Area is presented. It is a well designed level selector. There are 10 stages and some of them are locked. You have a score goal in order to unlock them.

Once a stage icon is tapped a useful set of information is displayed: the difficulty, the stage high score and a list of items to collect (items that you can use later at My Room). Items that you have previously collected are highlighted.

Although the My Room and the interface run in landscape mode (volume button down and no auto flip support) the game itself is played in portrait.

The game screen is also top-notch. At bottom right you see the items to avoid. Other than that you have to collect apples to keep the parachute strength and collect items to use at My Room (remember that stage item are previewed at Staging Area).

At top left you see the jump height (the record and the current one). Next to it you see the parachute strength bar. Below and at middle the current score. This score, by the way, is composed by the jump height, items and apples collected.

If you hit items to avoid you will lose parachute strength and you will immediately lose items you have already collected. Once the parachute strength bar is empty the game is over. Otherwise if you keep it filled, even partially, the game is over when you touch the ground (height zero as you can follow at top left of the screen).

All those gameplay details revel that you can play not to jump high or reach a high score but just enough to e.g. collect an item you want for you Hello Kitty room.

When the stage ends a nice Result screen is displayed with all level details including the collected items.

For my surprise the game is not that easy. There are several obstacles and some items are hard to collect. Later levels should be even harder. So I may say it is challenging and maybe too much for a younger crowd.

The good news is that the controls are perfect.

The first step is to throw Hello Kitty in the air. To do so you have a slingshot alike tool. The interesting detail here is that you have to be careful to not break the slingshot. It is not just a matter of throwing. Good!

While Hello Kitty is falling you have just to tilt left and right in order to control the parachute. There is no alternative controls such as a touch one. Anyway, the tilt is very responsive. It is really perfect!

Note, however, that Hello Kitty does not support resume feature but, to be honest, such feature is not so important for a game that was designed for a quick session. ?


Impressive graphics presented in a very polished and functional interface.

Animations and special effects are smooth and well designed.


The game has also excellent sound effects along with a set o background musics that you can select through the game Options.

However, the game does not support iPOD music.


Impressive graphics and interface
Excellent sounds
Items and stages to unlock
My Room (showcase) along with the game itself


It does not support iPOD music
It does not support resume
It does not have online high score


Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise is a very polished and well designed game and showcase in one package that kids will love and adults may enjoy due the tricky challenges to acquire items and reach a high score through the 10 unique stages.

Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics: -5- impressive, including the interface
Sound: -4- excellent sound effects but no iPOD support
Controls: -5- perfect tilt implementation
Gameplay: -4- challenging but needs an online leader board

Playing Hints and Tips:

Before throwing Hello Kitty check the items to avoid displayed at bottom right
If you hit an item to avoid you will lose a collected item
You can play just to get an item and use in My Room feature

Game Facts:
Developer: ZIO Interactive
Release Date: Aug 6, 2009
Genre: Arcade
Price: $4.99
Size: 47 MB
Buy Game: iTunes App Store

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