(PDA Addict)
08/21/09 06:52 PM
Re: Townrs Defender On Sale! (Update imminent!)


Townrs Defender, typically $4.99, is now only $2.99 (US) until our Update Pack goes live!

Our Update Pack will add sounds to combat, epic music, save and resume and many many bugfixes and improvements. Buy early and save some money! Pick it up on the iTunes store at http://bit.ly/PurchaseOnline

Townrs Defender is the iPhone's first real Hero Defense game, with tactile combat and role-playing elements. You can read all about it on our blog at http://www.propheticsky.com/blog and a trailer is available at http://bit.ly/TDTrailer

Cool, these sound like some much appreciated fixes, I might have to pick it up once it goes live (hopefully you can at least extend this sale UNTIL the update is up).

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