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08/22/09 02:42 PM
iPhone Game Review: Blockit!

iPhone Game Review: Blockit!
Reviewed by Leah Jennings

Blockit! is a simple, yet challenging strategy game developed by a group of high school students.

The gameplay is very simple, yet much more difficult than it sounds. There's a bubble in the middle of the screen, and you can place 3 square barriers around the bubble to prevent the spikes from popping it. Once you place the 3 barriers, you can still reposition them but when you place the fourth one it removes the first one you placed. Timing is key, too, because if you place a fourth barrier and remove the first, you just might need the one removed back. When ten spikes hit the bubble, it?s game over. The spikes come from all around the bubble, and the longer you play the faster they come.

Scoring is simple, every time a barrier blocks a spike you get one point. Although you don?t have a personal scoreboard, there?s an online scoreboard you can post your high scores at. There are 5 difficulty levels: Super Easy, Very Easy, Easy, Normal, & Hard. The higher the level, the smaller the barriers, and the faster the spikes come.

The graphics are simple 2D, and light bluish-green gradient background.

The music is lounge like, almost elevator music. You can also listen to your own music if you like.

The gameplay is simple by yet challenging to beat. Overall Blockit! Is a very intuitive game.

Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics: -3.5- Simple 2D, yet clean.
Sound: -3- Lounge/Elevator can also listen to your iPod.
Controls: -4- Easy to learn, very consistent.
Gameplay: -3.5- Very easy, yet hard to beat.

Playing Hints and Tips:
-The key is placing the barriers to cover the most area without having to move them a lot.

-Just remember to strategize and keep your timing.

Game Facts:
Developer: Spendthrift Studios
Release Date: Aug. 10, 2009
Genre: Strategy
Price: $0.99
Buy Game: iTunes App Store

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